Beekeeping with Maggie Doyne at Kopila Valley, Nepal

I was really lucky to meet Maggie Doyne and her daughter Anjali in September 2012 at Do Lectures in Hopland, CA at a beautiful place called Campovida.

Maggie is a very inspiring person who started an organization called BlinkNow. It is called Blink Now because she believes that in the blink of an eye we can all make a difference in the world. She did exactly this a few years ago and started Kopila Valley children’s home and school. It is amazing what she is doing.

When we were at the Do Lectures we dreamed a little about bees at Kopila. At the time it seemed simply like a dream. Well, now it isn't a dream.  This summer we will help Kopila start a bee program and I will be going with a good friend who is an amazing guitar player so she will be helping with the arts program.

Here is the amazing note Maggie wrote:
“Orren, I'd like to offer you one of our Summer Sustainability Fellowships.  After hearing your Do Lecture I haven't been able to get bees off the brain :) We could really use your expertise in setting up some hives at Kopila.  I'd also like you to work with the Kopila kids on educating them about beekeeping, chickens and work along their side to set up a coop on our new campus.” 

Now the research begins. If you have any knowledge about beekeeping in Nepal or starting a program for kids please feel free to email me - happyhoneybeesATgmailDOTcom also if you'd care to help support this project that would be great. Here is what I have found so far : Bees for Development.


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The coop is huge and very, very heavy. We're not worried about it blowing away. The roof is drilled through plastic onto

into the wood, so it's pretty secure, too. chicken coop plans We've had a few big storms since we built it, but I am

worried about hurricanes. Fingers crossed!

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