Book Signing in Cambridge, MA #DoBeekeeping

This past Saturday was National Honeybee Day. So as a celebration I was invited on down to a wonderful little shop in Cambridge MA called Follow The Honey. There was a full day of activities from sampling of Botanical Springs Birch and Maple Water sweetened with honey to Apotheker's great chocolate.

Then in the evening I spoke a bit about the new book Do Beekeeping and the adventure of going to Nepal - here was the announcement.

"In the summer of 2014, as a student on summer break from the Thacher School in Ojai, California, where he set up beekeeping, Orren Fox traveled to Nepal. There, he volunteered with Maggie Doyne, whom he met in 2012 at the Do Lectures. Maggie, at age 19, began BlinkNow Foundation and the Kopila Valley Children's School. With many children living in difficult terrain of the Himalayas, Orren taught beekeeping to all in an effort to produce local honey. Now as a high school graduate, Orren will return to Nepal to continue his efforts with the Kopila Valley School before starting college in 2016. ALL proceeds of his book DoBeekeeping, The Secret of Happy Honeybees, benefit Blink Now.  Join us & get a signed copy!"


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