Chickens in Winter

There are many things to consider has you approach winter with your chickens.
People often ask "Why do my hens stop laying in the winter"

1. I always add cracked corn and high protein GameBird feed to their diets. You may also want to consider making a mash for them.

2. In order to keep their water always unfrozen I use a heated dog bowl

3. You birds need light in order to continue to lay eggs. I have heard they need anywhere 14-16 hours of light. Here is the system I use, lights on a timer

4. Check their combs often. I also apply vaseline to the combs to protect them.

5. I think it is really important to keep your birds from getting bored. I often put late season mushy apples, kale or spaghetti squash in the coop. It keeps them entertained for hours.

6. This book The Chicken Encyclopedia is a great resource.

7. Raising happy hens takes lots of work, but it is all worth it.

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JulesH said...

do you know of anyone who runs their Chicken lights and water heater on a solar panel and storage battery. I'm looking for some info, soon.